Stolen Wine
Stolen Wine


Random Event

It would come as no surprise that certain individuals engage in illicit trade, even in a wild land like Dragon Pass.  The bad thing is that this undermines your authority, and may convince others to engage in such activities.

Event Dialogue

One of your carls, <X> is caught with a secret supply of Clearwine, the magical wine made by the Colymar tribe.  The problem is that he somehow acquired these trade goods without going through the clan ring.  This infraction infringes on the traditional rights and privileges of the ring.
  1. Confiscate the wine; warn of serious punishment next time.
  2. Forgive him; allow others to break the traditional rules.
  3. Shame him before his fellows.
  4. Outlaw <X> from the clan.
  5. Reassign <X>'s herds, making him and his family cottars.

King of Dragon Pass


  • The gentlest punishment, simply confiscating the wine and warning for future punishment may get your message across without angering the carls to much.  Your weaponthanes may wish for harsher treatment, though.
  • Forgiving the man will delight the carls, have the weaponthanes question your judgment, and more importantly cause a hit to your trade as other clans move to protect their specialties.
  • Probably the best punishment, shaming the carl reveals his wrong-doing, but it won't upset the other carls, and satisfies the weaponthanes need for punishment.
  • Possibly the strongest punishment, you can outlaw <X>.  This will send a message to the other carls, but if things go badly for the clan later on, you may well have an angry contingent wanting to oust the ring.  The weaponthanes will approve.
  • Another harsh punishment, making <X> a cottar and splitting up his herds will also send the message that the clan ring isn't to be messed with.  However, the carls are also more likely to protest if matters for the clan go downhill.  The weaponthanes approve of such punishment as well. 

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