Orlanthi honor their ancestors in myriad ways, small and great.  However, one of the most dangerous is if they enact the Summons of Evil blessing.

Note:  This is one event which you can trigger yourself.  First, you need to know the Summons of Evil blessing which can be found in the Ancestors subscreen.  Even if attempt it, your forebears may decide your clan isn't prepared enough to face the results.

Also, be aware that if your foes is Faralinthor/the waves and their kin, the cost may be much greater than you wish, even if you succeed in driving the waves back.

Event Dialogue

Our god-talkers made a great circle to contain our foe, <X>.  Inside, they made a huge figure, like the carls used to frighten away birds, which seemed to grow by itself as they sang, danced, and drummed.  When everything was ready, they called the foe to the center of the ring.  Silence descended on the tula as we began our vigil.

King of Dragon Pass

<X> is your clan's ancestral foe, as picked during Clan Creation:


  • If your foes are the Beastfolk, Praxians, or trolls, then you will face an immediate raid from the appropriate peoples.  Successfully fending them off will improve your clan morale, and increase your magic.  Failure will cause the wounds/deaths of your people, as well as the loss of goods and cattle.
  • If your foes are the elves, then you won't face them in direct combat.  Instead, another event will occur (one which you may have experienced already):  Rapid Forest Growth.
  • If your foes are Valind and his ice demons, you will encounter the following event (even if it is the middle of Fire Season):  Ice Demon Storm (Blizzard).
  • If your foes are the waves and their kin, you will be enmeshed in this eventFlood

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