Tarard Riel Encounter


Random Event

Notable Rewards Shrine to Tarard Riel

For those who know where to look, Dragon Pass is filled with spirits.  However, sometimes those spirits make themselves known of their own accord...

Event Dialogue

There is a great rock in the back pastures of your tula.  < X > was walking by it one day it spoke to him.  It claims to be named Tarard Riel, and to be the guardian spirit of the local hills.
  1. Commit to sacrifice annually to the spirit, to worship it
  2. Ignore this, it's not that important
  3. Make a one-time sacrifice to the rock, befriend it
  4. Test the spirit to see if you can trust it
  5. Try to put the spirit back to sleep

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you decide to sacrifice to the spirit, you gain a shrine to it, and in return it watches over the clan (making your weaponthane patrols more effective). 
  • Succeeding at tentative sacrifice (Option 3), adds the option to sacrifice or to build a shrine (with same effect as above) in you magic screen. 
  • If you test the spirit, it very well may take offense, and remove some of your clan magic.
  • If you decide the spirit is more hassle than its worth, you can certainly try to put it back to sleep.  However, success is far from guaranteed, and the act itself may anger the spirit as well.


  • If you succeed with the spirit, then you gain a shrine (and its concurrent blessing) called Tarard Riel.
  • If you run low on goods/cattle/etc. Then the shrine may be dismantled much as any other shrine.
  • You still can receive this event having Tarard Riel´s shrine. In this situation you will receive another name (Moraera for example). If you take the same actions like with Tarard Riel and agree to make sacrifices, you will receive this message: <ring member name> communed with <spirit name>, learning that its claims were exaggerated. But the spirit did teach hi many secrets, and he was better able to work magic. We gave <spirit name> only toke sacrifices afterwards.

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