Tarred, Feathered, Billed


Random Event

Happens when Friendly with ducks

While getting along with your feathery neighbors can be beneficial, others may not see it that way.

Event Dialogue

One of your carls, <X> appears at the boundary of your clan lands, tied to the back of his horse.  He's been tarred and feathered, and a leather "bill" has been attached to his face.  When you get him cleaned up, he explains that he was assaulted while visiting kin among the <Z> clan.  "<Y>, a thane of that clan, said that we are too friendly to the ducks," <X> explains.  "She said that the ducks are secretly servants of Delecti, the undead wizard who lives at the heart of the great swamp called the Upland Marsh.  It is her mission to punish those foolish enough to fall in league with the ducks."
  1. Convince <Y> that ducks are foes to the undead
  2. Do nothing.
  3. Encourage <X> to pursue private vengeance against <Y>.
  4. Launch a legal claim against <Y>.
  5. Raid the <Z> in retaliation for this insult.
  6. Raid the Marsh Ducks, to prove you are no duck-friends.

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you are able to convince <Y>, she will apologize, and give some goods as compensation.  Naturally, it helps to have someone with good persuasion skills.
  • Doing nothing leaves your weaponthanes angry at the treatment of one of their fellows, and expected the clan to do something about it.
  • Encouraging <X> to take vengeance will satisfy the clan's weaponthanes, but it will worsen relations with <Z>
  • You can also even matters with a legal claim.  If you do, though, be sure you have someone high in Custom as you will be presenting your case in front of the <Z> clan.  If you are in a tribe, this option will change to allowing you to go to a tribal moot.
  • Raiding the <Z> will certainly prove your strength, and satisfy the weaponthanes, but the <Z> will naturally grow angry.
  • If you go after the Marsh Ducks, the <Z> won't doubt your intentions, but this will naturally worsen relations with the Marsh Ducks, and by extension the Beastfolk.

Note:  This event will only occur if you have good relations with the ducks.

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