To the far northwest of Dragon Pass is a land inhabited by Orlanthi as well.  Though many of their customs are different, they definitely share the same gods and beliefs as the refugees from Heortland.

Dragon Pass Map

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Tarsh is located to the far northwest coerner of your map, and of your tula, just north of the Grazelands.


Our expedition to the northern land of Tarsh has returned.  They met with Orlanthi who follow a tribal king named Arim.  Arim is married to a great earth magician named Sorana the Priestess, or Sorana Tor.  Like us, Arim and his people came to Dragon Pass after an invader conquered their homeland.  In their case, the homeland was to the north, and their conquerors were the chaotic Red Empire.  The customs of these Tarshites are different from ours, but they still know the most important Orlanthi laws.

King of Dragon Pass

The primary interaction you will have with Tarsh is the fact they are engaged in an on-off conflict with the Lunar Empire

  • His foe is the empire of the same red moon that gave our priests headaches before the Pharaoh came.  --  Ring Member (the 'his' is Ilator, and the foe is the Lunar Empire.)

Related Events

Exploration Events

Prince of Masks


Much like other regions, by exploring this region you can earn wealth and treasures.

Note: The odds of receiving these treasures are dependent on your relations with the Tarshites.

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