Tarsh V: Cattle Drive


Chain Event

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Illator has proven himself a man of his word, even if it is in the loosest sense of the word.  After all, he only promised there would be many cattle, not that they would be healthy.

Event Dialogue

Illator is back, with the cows you demanded of him.  "I have driven these down all the way from Tarsh, because I am a man of my word," he gasps.  "Some of them died, and others are in bad condition.  Take them, you stubborn rustics."  There are 150 cows in the herd.

1.  Accept the cows; use healing magics on them.
2.  Accept the cows; demand an apology for the "stubborn rustics" remark.
3.  Accept the cows; lay on a feast in his honor.
4.  Demand healthy cows, not sickly ones.
5.  Demand more cows.

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you accept the cattle, you should use healing magics on them.  Failure will have a portion of them die, while success will increase your herds by a great many cattle.
  • Accepting the cattle doesn't mean you need to bear Illator's remark.  Eliciting apology from his increases your clan magic, even if it isn't a heart-felt response.
  • Your clan will increase its morale if you accept the cows, and lay a feast.
  • Demanding more cows, healthy or not, does little good.  Illator refuses to get more.  You can either accept what he brought, or take him prisoner (which can lead to Tarsh V: Noble Prisoner)

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