Tarsh V: Noble Prisoner


Chain Event

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You've decided to keep Illator in your custody, poor compensation for the cattle he promised.  However, will you be able to keep your noble prisoner, or will he find some other fate?

Event Dialogue

A band of Tarshite warriors attacks us, trying to rescue Illator.  They wound and kill our people, though the battle ends with Illator still in our custody.

1.  Keep Illator in custody.
2.  Kill Illator and send word to his people that you've done it.
3.  Let Illator go.
4.  Offer custody of Illator to another clan.
5.  Ransom Illator

King of Dragon Pass


  • Keeping Illator in custody is the course you take if you want your payment in cattle.  Unfortunately, it seems the only thing sent your way are Tarshite war parties, causing death and damage to your people. 
  • Killing Illator is an option, but you will bring down the gods' curses, as well as worsening relations with Tarsh.
  • If you let Illator go, you won't get any compensation, but neither will you suffer from Tarshite warriors.
  • Putting Illator into the custody of another clan may seem like a good idea, but the other clan will then suffer the Tarshite warriors.  Any damage suffered will be blamed on you; also, Illator may be freed by his countrymen.
  • Making the best of a bad situation, you can ransom Illator, but you won't get nowhere near the amount of wealth initially promised.


  • The Tarshites may very well rescue Illator, and all you've accomplished is worsening relations with the north-western nation.
  • If you retain Illator, it doesn't seem like he ever gets ransomed.  Instead, you get this event repeated.

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