Tavern Burning


Random Event

Requires Tribe with Planning Clan

One thing you can say about Orlanthi women; when they set their minds on a course of action, there is little to sway them.

Event Dialogue:  This Party Is On Fire

Angry women of the clan burn down a building.  It is the tavern that the <Planning Clan> were allowed to place beside your market during tribal negotiations.  The women complain that the <Planning Clan> tavern-keepers were taking wealth that should stay within the clan, and that they were getting the men too drunk to fulfill their marital obligations at night.  They say that if the <Planning Clan> rebuild their tavern, they will burn it again.
  1. Compensate the <Planning Clan>
  2. Praise the women.
  3. Rebuild the tavern for the <Planning Clan>.
  4. Scold the women.
  5. Tell the <Planning Clan> you will not allow a new tavern.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Compensating the <Planning Clan> will keep relations with them strong, but they still expect you to rebuild the tavern.  If you don't, then they will take you to a moot.
  • The women will accept your praise with pleasure, but you will end up in a moot for the arson.
  • Rebuilding the tavern satisfies the <Planning Clan>, but your women will just burn it again at a later time.
  • If you scold the women, they may be convinced to go another course of action.  However, don't be surprised if they ignore you and continue their crusade.  As it is, you will go to a moot for the tavern.
  • Not allowing a new tavern has the <Planning Clan> take you to a moot for judgment.


Event Dialogue:  Judgment Time

If you don't preemptively rebuild the tavern, then the <Planning Clan> goes to a tribal moot

The <Planning Clan> clan brings a claim against you at the tribal moot, because you did nothing when your women burned their tavern.  They demand compensation of 20 cows.  They also insist that you must pay 5 cows each to the other clans of the tribe, as a penalty for flouting the terms of tribal confederation.  Finally, they insist on being allowed to rebuild their tavern.
  1. Compensate them and pay the fine they suggest. 
  2. "Taverns are bad.  No clan should have one."
  3. "The tavern causes trouble between our men and women."
  4. "The tavern drains too much wealth from us."
  5. "The tavern ruined our clan magic.

King of Dragon Pass


Be aware a lot of the results from this will be influenced by how much you bribe the other clans who sit in judgment, as well as how many warriors you bring to war-whoop.  Also note that failure in persuasion on options 2-5 ends with your clan paying a fine to the tribe and compensation to the <Planning Clan>

  • Probably the easiest option, just pay the fine and compensate the <Planning Clan>.
  • Possibly the hardest option to argue, if you successfully convince the other clans that taverns are bad, then every tavern will be torn down in the tribe, much to the <Planning Clan>'s displeasure. 
  • Arguing the tavern creates trouble between men and women, if you are convincing enough, have the tribe also destroy the taverns. 
  • Arguing the tavern drains wealth is more likely to strike a chord with the other clans, and success will have half the wealth spent in the tavern go back to the clan whose land the tavern occupies.
  • Having a tavern may ruin your clan magic (such as causing discord between the men and women).  If this is successfully argued, then the tavern will be removed.

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