No one knows whether werewolves started out as humans who turn into wolves, or wolves who turned into humans. The truth is probably both, but it is known the children of werewolves are shapechangers themselves.  The lycanthropes can change form at will, except on the night of the full moon when they are forced to form. 

Werewolves have a human form, a wolf form, and often some kind of hybrid form.  Their bite doesn't transmit lycanthropy, and they are immune to most physical harm, vulnerable only to magic, fire or pure metals such as silver. 

Within Dragon Pass, they call themselves Telmori.


The Telmori are a tribe of people, human by day, and wolves by night. They wear wolfskin pelts as clothes in their human form. .

  • "The Telmori once worshipped the chaos god Gbaji, and now wander the earth without peace."


The howling of wolves grows more common in the woods. Fleeting shapes have been seen, and flashing eyes. I'm not sure what they are, but they don't seem like ordinary wolves.

Odaylan Hunter, King of Dragon Pass

The Telmori are a cursed and savage people, who turn into wolves one day a week, whether they want to or not. They live like nomads and steal sheep and cattle from honest herdsmen.

Ring Member, King of Dragon Pass

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