Telmori: Clan Destruction


Chain Event

Previous Telmori: Dire Warning
Next Dispersal of Your Clan

You know what they say about cornered animals...

Event Dialogue

An enormous force of Telmori raiders descends on your tula, attacking with shocking ferocity. They kill most of your warriors and leaders. They kill your most of your livestock; when the battle is done, they butcher it on the spot, for easy division of spoils. They take your stored food. They take some of your trade goods, destroying the rest. As the fighting dies down, the more adventurous of them burn your steads, even though they seem afraid of fire. Some, still possessed by animalistic fury, fall upon the noncombatants and tear them limb from limb. They vanish into the woods, leaving only a swollen full moon to look balefully down on the few survivors.
  1. Disband the clan
  2. Persevere, despite impossible odds.

King of Dragon Pass


  • This sets your cattle, goods, and food to zero. There is no recovering from this.


  • The typo in the text, "They kill your most of your livestock," is faithfully reproduced from the in-game text.

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