You managed to make peace between two tribes, now it is up to you to make peace with a people unlike your own.  However, to reach an accord, you must walk into the jaws of the wolf.

Telmori Encampment


Chain Event

Previous Convincing Hauberk Jon
Next The Telmori Chieftain

Event Dialogue

Hauberk Jon tells you where he thinks the main Telmori encampment is. <Your Leader> and <#> warriors travel there. There they find the traces of an encampment. They follow a trail to the current encampment, and enter it. There they find angry Telmori, interrupted in the midst of a funeral ceremony.

  1. Give them gifts.
  2. Grovel like a junior wolf acknowledging the supremacy of the pack leader.
  3. Growl like a wolf challenging the pack leader.
  4. Run away.
  5. Speak calmly and reasonably, drawing on the magic of the motion rune.

King of Dragon Pass


Choices 2, 3 and 5 all have a chance of success.

  • Giving gifts will not bring peace, but it can improve your persuasion attempts.  You will only be able to offer goods, not cattle. 
  • Running away prevents you from getting the best ending.  Flight represents weakness, and will find you hounded by the werewolves.  If you went with few warriors, you may even be wounded.
  • If you speak calmly, drawing on the magic of the Motion Rune, they may come to trust you, and will agree to make peace in exchange for the revival of their chieftain, leading you to the next event: The Telmori Chieftain.  This is the best choice for success.
    • If you don't have the Motion Rune, then you still have the option of speaking calmly. The result is still successful.
  • Groveling like a junior wolf, acknowledging the supremacy of the Telmori shows your willingness to make peace. This has the same effect as speaking calmly.
  • Growling like a wolf challenging the pack leader provokes a duel against one of the Telmori. If your envoy has a strong Combat rating, he/she can win the duel and the respect of the others. A poor combatant will be killed, along with any chance for peace. This can work, but is a needless risk.

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