Now that you've brought the Telmori to the peace talks, it is time to show why you are king/queen of your tribe.

Telmori Peace Negotiations


Chain Event

Previous The Telmori Chieftain

Event Dialogue

As arranged previously, a delegation of Telmori leaders, including their king, Kostajor Many-Whelps, has come to your clan hall to negotiate peace. What is the main thing you offer them?

  1. A promise to stop attacking them.
  2. A treasure.
  3. Cattle.
  4. Territory.
  5. The chance to build a town.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Offering a treasure to make peace earns little other than the derision of the Telmori.  You will have to make another choice.
  • As werewolves and creatures of the woods, you will find the Telmori have no interest in building a town.  However, you will have a chance to go with another option.
  • Promising to stop attacking them has a small chance to succeed. The Telmori are winning the war, after all.
  • As predators, the Telmori will accept cattle in exchange for peace.  You will have the choice to give them a one-time offering, or else a yearly tribute.  Offering as low as 40 cows one-time, or 10 cows yearly has a very high chance of success. Going lower risks their insulted refusal.
  • What the Telmori want more than anything is an end to their cursed wandering, so offering them land is guaranteed to succeed, but at a high price. Your total land will reduce by about 80 hides, so you will need to readjust your cropland and pasture to reflect this change.

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