This is part of the chain of events that will win you the long game.

Just as it seems you've extinguished the embers of one war, another one flares up...

Telmori War


Chain Event

Next Convincing Hauberk Jon

Event Dialogue

Word reaches you that the <X> and <Y> tribes are fighting a war with the Telmori, the strange and savage folk who are part man, part wolf. Orlanthi losses have been heavy, because the Telmori know the land well, and have magics unfamiliar to the Orlanthi god-talkers. Although once hostile to one another, the tribes have united behind a war leader called Hauberk Jon. Under his leadership, the Orlanthi have rallied somewhat, but their cause still seems desperate.

  1. Attack the <Y tribe> now that they are weak.
  2. Attack the <X tribe> now that they are weak.
  3. Convince your town-making allies to help you fight the Telmori.
  4. Do nothing.
  5. Tell Hauberk Jon you will make peace with the Telmori if he agrees to build a town.
  6. Tell Hauberk Jon you will make peace with the Telmori on his behalf.

King of Dragon Pass


If you interested in seeing the next link in this chain of events, then Options 5 and 6 are the best choices.

  • Attacking either the <X> or <Y> tribe usually succeeds, especially as they contend with the Telmori, but any short term gain is overshadowed by the fact you've sabotaged your chances to get the best ending. 
  • Doing nothing is arguably the easiest choice, but the best kings and queens among the Orlanthi are remembered for their deeds.  Another thing to bear in mind is that your inaction prevents you from getting the best ending.
  • Rallying your town-making allies might seem like a good idea.  After all, unity affords a greater army.  However, the way the Telmori fights, ensures the defeat, as well as loss of lives of the Orlanthi. The event will soon trigger again, and your allies will refuse to make war on the Telmori a second time.
  • While skeptical, Hauberk Jon will follow your lead if you tell him you'll make peace with the Telmori (Option 5 and 6).  He will agree to help build a town if you press the point,but he will respond more positively if you don't have any strings attached.   Either choice allows you to decide who to send, as well as their protection in Convincing Hauberk Jon.

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