Temporary Refuge Request
Temporary refugees


Random Event

In the event that strangers stay in their clan for a while, the Orlanthi have a special Guest Ceremony where someone vouches to sponsor the guests and take full responsibility for their actions during their stay.

Event Dialogue

Two unknown people come to you seeking temporary refuge. They seem to be foreigners; they do not know the proper greetings, and speak only the trade language. Their clothes are tattered, and it is hard to say where they come from. "We need food, place to stay. Will fight. Fight bravely for you, especially from horseback. Will stay for ten, fifteen seasons, no more."

  1. Allow a volunteer to sponsor them as guests.
  2. Ask them what kind of people they are.
  3. Have the chief sponsor them as guests.
  4. Offer to initiate them as Orlanthi.
  5. Refuse them.
  6. Send them to another clan.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Allowing a volunteer to sponsor the strangers as guests will bring honor to the sponsor, though not as much as if the chieftain did it herself.  However, you will gain their martial services while they stay.
  • If you ask them what kind of people they are, they will swear they are wanderers with no land of their own, that they are honorable and mean you no harm or tell you that they are Grazers. If they withhold this information, one of your ring members might identify the strangers as Horse-Spawn anyway.
  • If you have your clan chief sponsor them, they will praise your generosity  and you will gain 2 weaponthanes for the duration of their stay.  Your reputation for generosity will increase as well.
  • If you offer to initiate them as Orlanthi they will refuse as they aren't looking for new gods. However, they will remember this.
  • Refusing them is the simplest choice, and the strangers go on their way.
  • If you can't support more warriors, but want to do well by the strangers, you can send them to another clanFor best results, send them to a clan you have good relations with.  If the clan accepts them, relations improve as the strangers prove their martial worth.  If the clan is suspicious of you, then relations worsen as they assume you sent trouble-makers their way.

When they leave, they will thank you and promise to speak well of you. If you offered to take them in as Orlanthi and protect them from their former tribemates they may decide to stay on and become Orlanthi eventually. (Note: The more reason they have to feel welcome...)