Terrible in Trade


Random Event

Just because one is qualified to be on the clan ring, that doesn't make them an expert trader.

Event Dialogue

The people are up in arms over a bad trade deal struck by one of the ring members, <X> .  He/She traded away <#> cows worth of ale for a tapestry worth five cows at most.  "He/She is always making bad deals, and this one is the worst.  It's as if <X> is only interested in showing others how wealthy we are.  He/She does not realize that if we let him/her keep making deals for us, we will stop being wealthy!"
  1. Forbid <X> to make any more trade deals.
  2. "It is good to show others how wealthy we are."
  3. Scold <X> before the others.
  4. Scold the people for embarrassing a ring member.
  5. Take no action.
  6. "This bad deal will be balanced by future good deals."

King of Dragon Pass


  • Forbidding <X> to make deals will please the people, but there is a chance <X> will do something no matter what the chief says.
  • Putting a positive spin on what happened, such as showing off the clan's wealth, requires you to be convincing.  If the people agree, their mood improves, while a failure worsens clan morale.
  • Scolding <X> will generally improve the people, though there is an outside chance they want a stricter punishment.  <X> will follow the admonishment, but there is a slight chance, he/she might defy the ring's decision.
  • It is possible to scold the people for embarrassing the ring, but odds are the complainers will be angry at their own admonishment.  After all, just because one is on the ring doesn't exclude them from criticism.
  • Taking no action leaves the people irritated by ring's lack of concern, and <X> may do a bad trade in the future.
  • An optimistic answer, telling people the bad deal will be balanced by future deals may work.  After all, generosity is a virtue...and so long as it doesn't bankrupt the clan, can work in your favor.  Of course, if the people figure this is just a line, their mood will stay lowered.

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