Thadart I: The Capture


Chain Event

Next The Return

Tusk Riders are one of the constant threats of Dragon Pass.  Sometimes, their cruelty goes beyond simple raiding...

Event Dialogue

<X>, one of the warriors you sent on an exploratory mission, reports on its unfortunate and premature end.  "One of our fellows, Thadart, was taken by the cruel enemies known as Tusk Riders.  We fought valiantly to rescue him from them, but they were fierce, their boarish steeds were fresh, and they knew the terrain better than we.  We have heard from our neighbors about the bloodthirsty gods they worship, and know of their murderous habits.  Unlucky Thadart is surely dead by now."

1.  Compose a funeral poem
2.  Give gifts to Thadart's relatives
3.  Remind people that danger is a part of life
4.  Sacrifice to the gods in Thadart's honor
5.  "There will be no funeral until Thadart is proven dead."
6.  Send a war party to hunt for Thadart

King of Dragon Pass


  • You may send a war party out, but there is no remains (living or dead), of Thadart (Option 6).
  • Options 1, 2, 4, and 5 are an opportunity to improve the morale of the clan.  Option 5 holds out hope for Thadart's return, while 1, 2, and 4 shows the clan recognizes Thadart's sacrifce and bravery.  However, your response may sour if the clan isn't convinced of your ring's sincerity/optimism.
  • Option 3 simply reminds the people danger is a part of their life, and doesn't really do things one way or another.


This is the first in a mini-arc for the warrior Thadart.  It continues in Thadart II:  The Return.  Also, be aware, if you assumed Thadart was slain, then people will initially react so.  If you give them hope, then they will be more positive when he returns.  Of course, even if you try to give the clan hope, they may still react poorly no matter the what the clan ring says.

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