Thadart II: The Return


Chain Event

Previous The Capture
Next Unease In The Clan

When people return from a harrowing experience, they are changed--sometimes more than one would expect.

Event Dialogue

A man who looks like a Tusk Rider comes to your tula, as if expecting a welcome.  The man claims to be Thadart, the explorer who was taken by Tusk Riders and presumed dead.  He says that he was tortured by the Tusk Riders, and left to die of exposure on an altar to their terrible god.  But the god spared his life, changing his face so that he looked like a Tusk Rider.  "Their god meant it as a grim joke, but you are my clan-mates, and I know that you will accept me even though I am disfigured."

1.  Allow him to return
2.  Attack him
3.  Convince the people that he should be allowed to return
4.  Send him away
5.  "You may return, but we will be watching you."

King of Dragon Pass


Thadart's return has one of two possible outcomes:  tragedy or triumph. 

  • If you attack him, or send him away, you will succeed in your choice, although if you had given people hope, then their morale will decrease a little at this turn of events.
  • However, if you choose to accept Thadart, then his acceptance will also depend whether you offered the clan consolation or hope back when he was captured.   Given the change in his appearance, Thadart's acceptance may be reluctant, or whole-hearted, though clan ring certainly can influence this turn of events as well.


This is a continuation of Thadart I: The Capture.  It continues next in Thadart III: Unease In The Clan.

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