Thadart IV: Lonely Heart


Chain Event

Previous Unease In The Clan
Next Baby Issues

Thadart and his parents approach the clan ring with a sad look in their eyes. Thadart is now fully accepted again, but has new troubles: no woman of the clan wants to marry him because of his looks. They implore you to find him a bride.

Event Dialogue

Thadart, the warrior of your clan whose visage was made monstrous by the alien god of the Tusk Riders, comes before the clan ring with a request.  "My parents have tried to find a bride for me, but have been rebuffed at every turn, even by our closest allies.  I understand that it is difficult to find a woman to marry a man with a face like mine.  I do not expect a beautiful bride, or a clever one, or even a kindly one.  But I do need a bride, so that I may carry on the sacred line of my ancestors.  I implore you to intervene in this matter and find me a mate."

1.  "If you keep bothering us, we will outlaw you."
2.  "If your parents will not perform this duty, it is not a matter for the ring."
3.  Promise to find him a bride.
4.  Try to find him a bride, but promise nothing.
5.  "You cannot expect to marry, looking as you do."

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you essentially rebuff Thadart's pleas (Options 1, 2, or 5), then he has little to live for, and may die in the next raid.  Having been successfully integrated into the clan, people's view of the ring will lower, figuring you should have done more.
  • If you do try to find a bride, there is no guarantee of success.  If no bride is found, then Thadart becomes much more reckless, and he may suffer the fate laid out in the bullet above. 
  • If you do find him a wife, Thadart will certainly be as loyal as one can expect.

Note:  If you do find him a bride, Thadart's story continues in Thadart V: Baby Issues.

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