Thadart V: Baby Issues


Chain Event

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Thadart's marriage has been blessed with a fruit of the union, trouble is the baby has tusks too.

Event Dialogue

Thadart, and his bride <X>, have had a son.  They have named him Palagor.  Although Thadart's pride in his child is great, some of his relatives, and other members of the clan are gravely concerned.  The boy shares Thadart's Tusk Rider features.  It was hoped that Thadart's curse would not be hereditary, but indeed it is. 

1.  Outlaw Thadart, <X>, and their son
2.  Do nothing
3.  Forbid Thadart to father any children
4.  Quell the peoples' fears
5.  Conduct a ritual to protect Thadart's future children from this curse
6.  Demand that the people treat them with respect

King of Dragon Pass


  • You may banish Thadart, and his family, but this will displease his supporters among the clan.
  • You can forbid Thadart from fathering further children.  The choices I get he always agrees, but there is a chance he may not.
  • If you do nothing, everything stays status quo.  However, Thadart's children will also be feared due to their inherited visage.
  • You may quell people's fears, or demand they treat him with respect, the people may fear the ring's anger, and do as they order.  If they disagree, there is a chance of greater disorder in the clan.
  • Probably the best choice is to conduct a ritual.  Once again, there is no guarantee the ritual is a success.  However, if the god-talkers feel 'confident' about the results, then they Thadart's children will be born 'normal.'

Note:  There is a Rumor that if nothing is done for Thadart and his family, the clan will eventually become Tusk Riders themselves.

Unless you banish him and his family, and barring other circumstances, Thadart's tale culminates in Thadart VI: Confrontation With Tusk Riders.

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