Thadart VI: Confrontation With Tusk Riders


Chain Event

Previous Baby Issues

Now that he has been accepted as one with the clan, it is only natural Thadart comes face to face with those who changed his life so much...

Event Dialogue

Patrols spot a massive group of Tusk Riders galloping towards your tula on their giant boar mounts.  The people are frightened.  Some of them accuse Thadart, the warrior cursed to wear a Tusk Rider's face, with alerting them to your tula's location.  He scoffs at this accusation.  Then he offers to ride out to the Tusk Riders and negotiate with them. "Perhaps I can make some use of this cursed face, and somehow convince them to turn back their assault."

1.  Immediately charge the incoming raiders
2.  Kill Thadart for betraying you to the Tusk Riders
3.  Let Thadart negotiate with the Tusk Riders
4.  Steel yourselves for the attack
5.  Tell Thadart to direct the Tusk Riders to another clan

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you believe Thadart betrayed you, he will die, but others will think less of the clan ring, either for letting him live among you, or for not trusting Thadart after all these years.
  • If you attack the raiders immediately, you may gain the element of surprise.
  • If you steel yourselves for the attack, your defense may gain a boost.
  • It is possible for Thadart to negotiate with the Riders, but they may also kill him out of hand if he isn't persuasive enough.
  • Thadart may redirect the Tusk Riders, especially at a clan you are having a feud with.  If so, they will be weakend by the Tusk Riders, leaving themselves open to a raid by you.

Note: Thadart may live or die, depending on the other options. If he dies, his wife and children will go back to her home clan.

This marks the end of Thadart's story arc.

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