The Black Wyrm


Random Event

It should come as no surprise that with a name called Dragon Pass that one will find dragons there...

Event Dialogue

<X>, a member of the <Y> ring, comes looking for warriors to join a hunting party.  Their tula is being terrorized by a gigantic and dangerous creature called the Black Wyrm.  They will pay <#> cows worth of goods to each warrior willing to help.  They need up to five warriors.
  1. Send a party to convince the wyrm to move along.
  2. Offer to send warriors, but at a higher price.
  3. Offer to take full responsibility for killing the wyrm.
  4. Refuse her.
  5. Send warriors to hunt and kill the wyrm,

King of Dragon Pass


Just a general note.  If your clan is suspicious of dragons, or hates them, then killing the wyrm will increase your clan magic.  A dragon-positive clan will gain magic if they can convince the Black Wyrm to move along.

  • The wyrm is rather powerful, and combat risks wounds and death.  However, successfully convincing it to move along (which will require enough cows and goods as a bribe) will cause the wyrm to leave peacefully, improving relations with dragonewts.
    • Failure results only in the loss of the cows and/or goods. A variation of the event may then repeat a few seasons later, but attempting to convince the wyrm is no longer an option.
  • A good bargainer may be able to negotiate a better price for sending warriors along.  However, the <Y> clan can tell you to take it or leave it.  Whether the bargaining is effective, you can still decide whether to send men or not, and how many.  The greater the number sent, the more goods you receive.
  • By taking full responsibility, you are basing your reward on just how good your warriors are.  Success will net you hefty amount of goods.  Failure results in wounds, and probable deaths, as well as a losing some respect with the <Y> .
  • A clan has a right of refusal, though the <Y> might think less highly of you for not helping.
  • After deciding how many warriors to send, success will grant you the agreed upon goods.  Failure results in no goods, and wounded warriors.  Also, the more warriors sent, the more goods you get, but the greater the risk if disaster happens.

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