The Chaos Hating Clan is one of your neighbors in Dragon Pass.

Chaos Hating Clan


They're known for their hatred of Chaos

King of Dragon Pass

The Chaos Hating Clan is another martial clan who hold Urox in as high a regard as Orlanth.  Much like their patron the Storm Bull, this clan is rather straight-forward; subtlety is lost on them. 

You will deal with their clan members most when they are trying to root out Chaos.  Unfortunately, this also means they can overlook the less blatant manifestations of Chaos.


The following are events you can experience with members from The Chaos Hating Clan. These occur whether the the clan is in your tribe or not. However, positive interactions on this can lead to positive interactions with the Chaos Hating Clan.

In a Tribe

Having the Chaos Hating Clan in your tribe will strengthen your actions against Chaos as well as providing a large source of warriors.  However, they will require your aid to keep Chaos from spreading.  Also, they are usually quite sure of their detection abilities, so unless you have an Uroxi on your clan ring, you may find persuading this clan maddening.


If the Chaos Hating Clan is in your tribe, you are likely to see the following events.

  • Unknown

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