Early Clan

The Early Clan is one of your neighbors in Dragon Pass.


They're known for their early arrival in Dragon Pass.

King of Dragon Pass

As the first clan to brave the hardships of Dragon Pass, the early clan is well respected. They are the mortal enemies of the Beastfolk.

They are also enthusiastic takers of thralls...including people of your own clan


The following are events you can experience with members from the Early Clan. These occur whether the clan is in your tribe or not. However, positive interactions on this can lead to positive interactions with the Early Clan.

In a Tribe

Having the early clan in your tribe can be a great blessing, as they can provide strong magic to the tribe. It can also be a burden to have them along, as they require you to make war on the Beastfolk. If your ancestral enemies were the beastfolk, then they won't be a problem. Still, be careful to maintain a balance between war and peace, you won't want to get the Beastfolk's dire warning.


If the early clan is in your tribe, you are likely to see the following events:

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