The Raiding Clan is one of your neighbors in Dragon Pass

Raiding Clan


They're known for their reliance on raiding.

King of Dragon Pass

Orlanthi, as a whole, are known for their war-like attitude.  However, this clan takes it to the extreme.  Acknowledged as arguably the deadliest clan, they are the first in battle, and last to retreat.  They hold Orlanth in the highest regard, though the other war gods (Urox, Elmal, Humakt, and Vinga) are give their just due.

The other notable aspect of this clan is their hatred of trolls.  They would massacre the lot of them if given the chance.  One result of this is they don't get along with the Planning Clan.


The following are events you can experience with members from the Raiding Clan. These occur whether the clan is in your tribe or not. However, positive interactions on this can lead to positive interactions with the Raiding Clan.l

  • Unknown

In a Tribe

Having the Raiding Clan in your tribe will give you a lot of martial prowess, but they demand material support for their warriors.  Additionally, you will find they want to keep antagonizing the trolls.


If the Raiding Clan is in your tribe, you are likely to see the following events:

  • Unknown

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