The Surviving Pursuit Clan is one of your newer neighbors in Dragon Pass.

Surviving Pursuit Clan


They're known for surviving pursuit by terrible foes.

King of Dragon Pass

This is one of the newer clans to make it to Dragon Pass, appearing after you've established your tula.  They can be close neighbors if you gave them a stake of land, otherwise they will appear elsewhere on the map.

Digging further into their past, you find they were once staunch allies of the Pharaoh, but they suddenly broke ranks with him, and fled to the north.  If you are fortunate enough to dig further, you may find out they actually know much about the workings of the Pharaoh's sorcery, and this has them marked for death.


You can run into these events before forming a tribe:

In a Tribe:

Having these survivors in your tribe provides much moral support, and they can be one of your staunchest allies.

If the Surviving Pursuit Clan is in your tribe, you may see the following events:

  • Unknown

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