The Vineyard/Flamal Clan is one of your neighbors in Dragon Pass.

Flamal Vineyard Clan


They're known for their vineyard and a holy site dedicated to Ernalda and Flamal.

King of Dragon Pass

One of two clans that place an emphasis on Ernalda, this one is further differentiated by worshipping Flamal

Another thing you will see is that the head priestess of Ernalda has more direct power and influence than the clan chief.

Interestingly, the elves also hold Flamal in high regard, and one would think that would make them natural allies with this clan, but this is far from the truth.


The following are events which occur when relating to people/instances from The Vineyard/Flamal Clan.  These occur whether or not the Vineyard/Flamal Clan is in your tribe.  However, positive results from them will improve relations with the clan.

In a Tribe

Having the Vineyard/Flamal Clan in your tribe can enhance your agricultural needs, but they require more bribery/persuasion than some of the other clans.  Additionally, they know the heroquests to Uralda and Ernalda, which they may be convinced to share.


If the Vineyard/Flamal Clan is in your tribe, you are likely to see the following events:

  • Unknown


Many Orlanthi believe Flamal was married to Ernalda before she married Orlanth.  However, this also is a good hint that in many parts of Glorantha that Ernalda is actually given primacy in worship, and she could have any additional god as a husband (such as Flamal).  In some instances, Ernalda actually has her own harem of men.

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