War Boulder Clan
The War Rock Clan is one of your neighbors in Dragon Pass.


They're known for a large boulder with war powers.

King of Dragon Pass

Another martial clan, you will find them to be potent fighters.  What distinguishes them from the other war-clans is their allegience to a a large boulder which bears the outline of a soldier.  By supplicating this local spirit, they gain military might to whatever normal Orlanthi gods they also honor.

Due to the strong presence of the war boulder, and the need to interpret its needs/desires, the war rock clan hold a great respect for shamans, almost as much as they do regular god-talkers. 


The following are events you can experience, and derive from the War Rock Clan. These occur whether the clan is in your tribe or not. However, positive interactions on this can lead to positive interactions with the War Rock Clan.

In a Tribe

Having the War Rock Clan in your tribe will definitely strengthen your warriors, though you may find they want you to respect shamans as a requirement.


If the War Rock Clan is in your tribe, you are likely to see the following events:

  • Unknown

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