Theya II: Three Suitors
Three Suitors


Chain Event

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Event Dialogue

Theya is now of marriageable age, and since she has been uniquely favored by Ernalda, three suitors seek her hand. Theya has already said that she cannot make the choice herself, presumably because of a vision she has had. But she does look forward to marrying and having children.

Korlmhy of the <X> clan promises a gift of thirty milk cows to the clan if he can have her hand in marrriage. This gift is above and beyond the bride price, and need not be reciprocated. Derik is a clever <Y>clan god-talker who offers a Tornado Rope for us to use in battle. Enderos is a weaponthane from the Colymar tribe, who fell in love with Theya during her training at the Great Ernalda temple in Clearwine. He can only offer two horses, but says he would value Theya was a woman, not just a prophetess.

  1. "Theya must remain here. You will be an Esrolian husband."
  2. Marry her to Enderos of Clearwine.
  3. Marry her to Korlmhy.
  4. Marry her to Derik.
  5. Marry her to the winner of a series of contests.
  6. Refuse them all.

King of Dragon Pass


Theya isn't any help - as a ring member, the only advice she offers is, "I know I will marry, even though I have Seen myself burying those I love."

  • Telling the suitors that it will be an Esrolian marriage offends the rich suitor, who will withdraw his suit.
  • If you choose Enderos of Clearwine, the clan's mood will improve, and you will gain a single weaponthane and two horses. Thea is alternately happy and stoic at her wedding.


  • This is the second event in the Theya arc.
  • Exists on iOS/Steam.

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