Theya VI: Final Vision
Kings death chaos


Chain Event

Previous Theya V: The Horsemen Come

Event Dialogue

Theya, the seer, has died giving birth to a daughter, despite the ministrations of the healers. But she died with a smile on her face. Holding her baby, she said, "Her name is Jenela, and I wish that I could be there for her. But I know she will be well cared for. And I know she will grow up and have her own life, without the curse of vision. Ernalda has shown me this, and I thank her for that gift. And for Jenela."
  1. Declare a private period of mourning.
  2. Sacrifice to Ernalda in Theya's honor.
  3. Send emissaries to the Great Ernalda temple in Clearwine with the news.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Declaring a period of mourning and sacrificing to Ernalda will appease your people. A sacrifice may have a greater effect, but has a chance of failure.
  • If you inform the temple of Theya's passing, they will send gifts to your clan in her honor. This also improves the clan's mood.

Whatever option you choose, Theya's daughter, Jenela, will become available to join the clan ring after eighteen years have passed. She will grow up to inherit her mother's looks as well as her talent for magic.

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