Thief in the Night


Random Event

As your clan becomes more powerful, it stands to reason you will start accumulating your fair share of treasures.  There are some other unscrupulous individuals out there, and they obviously think you won't miss one or two...

Event Dialogue

Someone has taken <treasure>.  It disappeared from its place of keeping during the night.  Footprints were found in the soft ground around that stead, but no one heard or saw anything unusual during the night.
  1. Accept the loss.
  2. Announce a reward for its return.
  3. Conduct a divination to find out who stole it.
  4. Sacrifice to the gods for protection from theft.
  5. Send an exploration party to find it.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Accepting the loss can lose a bit of morale since someone dared steal from the clan.  And if it happened once, it may occur again.
  • If you pony up the goods, announcing a reward can work, though results are rather variable.
  • A successful divination tells which direction the treasure was taken, and how many lives it will cost to recover it.  A failure will give no pertinent information at all.
  • A successful sacrifice will deter other would be thieves.  Failure may inspire to repeat the feat.
  • Sending an exploration party may find the treasure, especially if there was as successful divination.  Realize that some lives will be lost, though.  It is also possible for the whole party to disappear (and losing the leader in the process).

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