Thrall Punishment


Random Event

Requires Keeping Thralls

One of your carls comes to you, asking for the ultimate punishment for one of your thralls.

Event Dialogue

<X>, one of your carls brings a thrall before you for punishment.  "This wretch, this <Y> seized upon my wife, <Z> and assaulted her!  He injured her, and would have stolen her honor from her as well, if I had not come upon him.  This thrall must die, lest the poison of his treachery infect the others of his kind!"
  1. Beat <Y>.
  2. Let <Y> speak.
  3. Kill <Y>.
  4. Scold <Y>.
  5. Trade <Y> and other thralls to another clan.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Beating <Y> will satisfy your carls even though they want a stronger punishment.  One result is this builds rebellious resentment to build among the thralls.
  • There may be more to the situation, so you may wish to let <Y> speak.  Your carls will protest, but <Y> replies that he wasn't trying to assault the woman, but just to stop her excessive abuse.  You then return to the option list.
  • If you kill <Y>, your clan will enthusiastically support this course of action.  However, this will definitely anger the thralls, and may even drive them to take other action.
  • Scolding <Y> will anger your carls, but the thralls will pleasantly surprised by your mercy.
  • Trading <Y> and other thralls, if accepted by the other clan, will net you some goods, as well as remove the chance of rebellion.  However, you will have less hands to work the fields. 

There is a good chance that if you beat/kill <Y>, this may cause the other thralls to rise up in rebellion like in Thrall Revolt.

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