Thrall Revolt
Thrall Revolt


Random Event

Happens when Mistreating thralls
Requires Keeping thralls

It should come as no surprise that within an independence-minded people like the Orlanthi, even the meekest thrall yearns for freedom.

Event Dialogue

Your thralls have risen up against you.  They have captured several of your carls, and are now advancing on your clan hall, torches at the ready.
  1. Attack them without mercy.
  2. Convince them to surrender.
  3. Evacuate the clan hall. 
  4. Offer them gifts if they agree to leave your lands peacefully.
  5. Try to drive them off.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Attacking without mercy will cause a great loss of life among the thralls, but if successful will keep another revolt from happening.  Don't be surprised if your action does little, though, and thralls scatter to the four winds.
  • If you have an intimidating presence, you can convince them to surrender.  Success will have them submit, but failure results in an attack that also allows a good number of thralls to flee.
  • Evacuating the clan hall keeps your people safe, but you do lose some goods, and they may burn one of your defenses to the ground.
  • Bribery can convince the thralls to leave your land peacefully, but stinginess will have them reject your offer, and inflict damage before the situation is contained.
  • Easier than attacking without mercy, driving the thralls off will see them.  The better your warriors, the less damage the thralls will do. 

If you're ancestors owned thralls, then bribing the thralls to leave peacefully will cause a loss of magic, as well as failing to reestablish control. This also happens if they manage to escape using violence.

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