Threats of War


Chain Event

Next Day of Battle (Tribe at War)

Now that you are in a tribe, you find that many of the smaller dangers fall to the wayside. However, war is endemic.

Event Dialogue

Lawspeakers and warriors from the <X> tribe come to threaten you with war. "Many times has your tribe offended ours. Our warriors howl for your blood. Our sword-arms are oaks; your sword-arms are saplings. Our magic is strong, while yours could not scare a weed-sprite. If we make war on you, we will feast on many of your cattle. If you pay us tribute now, we will take fewer of your cattle, and kill none of your warriors.
  1. Boast of your military strength.
  2. Give them a treasure.
  3. Give them tribute.
  4. Persuade them that you have not offended them.
  5. Send them packing.

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you are sure of your might then boast of your military strength. Success will have the <X> back down, but failure will have them invade.
  • Giving the <X> a treasure is a sure way to buy their forbearance. However, they may try to shake you down later.
  • Giving tribute can placate the <X> for a while as long as you give them enough, but don't be surprised if they make more demands later.
  • Persuasion is a good option if you don't wish to fight and have confidence in your speakers. However, if you get tongue-tied your efforts will fall flat.
  • If you're willing to fight then send the <X> packing.

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