Too Few Warriors
Weaponthane warning


Random Event

Happens when Too few weaponthanes

If you have too few weaponthanes, your warriors are sure to come and complain about it.

Event Dialogue

The warriors of your clan come to complain. "There are too few warriors now," says <X>, their spokesman. "Our patrols are stretched too thin. We cannot protect all of the land, herds, and people, and the other clans know it. Normally we could train some carls to become weaponthanes, but none of the carls are ready yet. We have to go outside the clan. Unless you find more warriors quickly, one of our foes will surely attack us."

  1. Act quickly to find new warriors; accept outlaws if necessary.
  2. Build their morale with an inspirational poem.
  3. Listen to them, but do nothing.
  4. Send <Trader name> on a mission to find the best warriors available.
  5. Take on new warriors only as qualified candidates come forward.

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you wish to act swiftly, you can accept outlaws.  This has the benefit of gaining weaponthanes quickly, but the rest of your clan won't be as accepting.  One of your clan ring will want to interrogate the outlaws, and -- if you allow it -- find fault with them, preventing them from joining. If you disallow the interrogation, the outlaws will cause trouble for the clan a few seasons later.
  • Orlanthi appreciate poetry, and your warriors are no exception, so you might compose a poem.  A well crafted verse will keep their morale high, while doggerel will dampen their spirits.  The main reason you may go this route is you might actually have enough weaponthanes, but they may be out on a mission (such as exploring) and will soon return.  However, until then, your weaponthanes still at home will be stressed if they are constantly on patrol.
  • If you send your trader out on this mission, they will be gone for a few seasons, as many as you choose (up to 5). You may have to reorganize the clan ring for that period (a full ring has an easier time with heroquests, for example.
  • Listening to them, but doing nothing is the easiest course of action.  However, if the weaponthanes are generally ignored, they may leave, and join another clan which appreciates their skills more.
  • Recruiting only qualified candidates as they present themselves is a good compromise.  Your trader stays home, and you get some immediate law-abiding warriors, though not as many as other options may allow.

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