A clan without any allies is prey for any bigger enemy.  One would think that you can never have too many friends, but the other Orlanthi clans think otherwise.

Too Many Alliances


Random Event

Requires Many alliances with other clans

Event Dialogues

<X>, a <Y Clan> thane, comes to warn you that your alliance with his clan is in jeopardy.  "You are allied with too many clans, spreading yourselves so thing that the value of a pact with you is steadily waning.  If we give you important information, how do we know that you will not pass it along to our rivals?"

1.  End your alliance with <X>'s clan.
2.  End your alliance with another clan.
3.  Give <X> gifts as a token of your commitment to his clan.
4.  Persuade <X> that you value his clan above your other allies.
5.  Warn <X> that you will attack his clan if they break the alliance.

King of Dragon Pass


  • One choice is to end an alliance, withether it is with the <Y> clan, or another of your choice.  However, ending your arrangment will certainly worsen relations with the chosen clan.
  • Money can buy friends, and giving goods to <X> can prove your commitment.  However, if you prove stingy, then don't be surprised if the <Y> don't end the alliance.
  • Someone sufficiently persuasive can convince <X> that you value his clanIf they don't believe your words, then you will be less one ally.
  • Threatening to attack <X>'s clan is probably the most extreme reaction.  If you've proven good in battle, or have an excess of weaponthanes, then, <Y> will still be allies.  Note that relations will be strained, though.  Don't be surprised if the <Y> don't heed your warning, and even dare you to do something about it. 

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