Too Many Weaponthanes


Random Event

Happens when Too many weaponthanes
Next Carls on Strike

The carls produce the food, and support the rest of the tribe.  They understand the need to have dedicated weaponthanes, priests, and others, but too many is just a drain on your clan.

Event Dialogue

The carls, represented by <X> the <adjective>, are unhappy.  "The clan is trying to support too many weaponthanes, priests, and other folk who eat the food we produce but don't produce any themselves. They're parasites, I tell you, parasites!"
  1. Dismiss <smaller #> weaponthanes.
  2. Dismiss <bigger #> weaponthanes.
  3. Give the chief complainers a cow apiece.
  4. Persuade <X> that he's mistaken.
  5. Take the matter under advisement, then forget about it.

King of Dragon Pass


When this event occurs, it is usually when things are going badly for the clan.  It is possible to have a high number of weaponthanes, but as long as people aren't starving, there are enough cattle, and don't have too many raiders, you probably won't get this encounter.

  • Dismissing weaponthanes will please the protestors, the more the better.  However, be careful how many you put out to pasture and leave yourself undefended.
  • Bribing the complainers with a cow apiece, if successful, will quiet them for a time.  If matters with the clan don't improve, they will be back, or else escalate matters.
  • Persuading <X> is far from easy.  Success will have him quiet the carls down, but he will be back if things don't improve.  Failure just retains the status quo.
  • Taking the matter under advisment, and forgetting about it is burying one's head in the sand.  If matters don't improve, the carls will complain again, or even stop working entirely.

If matters don't improve, you may see another event, Carls on Strike.

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