Town IV: Inaugural Ceremonies
Town building 3


Chain Event

Previous Town Building
Next Town Threatened by Horse-Spawn

A season later, the town is built, and ready for inaugural ceremonies.

Event Dialogue

<Town name>, the town you built with the cooperation of the <W> and <X> tribes, is now constructed and ready for inaugural ceremonies. The people of the various tribes are in a celebratory mood.
  1. Embark on the Issaries the Conciliator heroquest.
  2. Give gifts to the <W tribe> and <X tribe> kings.
  3. Let the other kings decide how to celebrate.
  4. Ritually dedicate the town to Issaries.
  5. Throw a feast for everyone who helped build the town.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Issaries loves towns, and performing the Issaries quest now will increase your success odds. If successful, this is actually the best option for the town.  If you think you can't succeed, then you should choose another option.  Failure will be seen as displeasure from the gods.
  • Giving gifts to the Colymar and <X> improves relations with the respective tribes, as well as ensuring future input from you will at least be considered.  Generosity will be remembered.
  • Ritually dedicating the town to Issaries is a good chance, especially if you don't think you could finish the Issaries heroquest.  However, there is a chance the god will not give his blessing, and the other tribes will view this as an ill omen.
  • Throwing a feast for the builders raises morale and relations all around.  However, this will consume a large amount of cattle and food.
  • Letting the other kings decide could lead to them throwing a feast, and they will be praised for their generosity. So you're basically passing up the chance to raise your generosity, or perform the heroquest etc.

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