Trade Fair


Random Event

Notable Rewards Amulet of Consolation
Perpetual Flour
Poem Which Must Be Eaten

As the Orlanthi slowly put their stamp on Dragon Pass, ties of trade start to bind clans, and tribes.

Event Dialogue

<W> has invited traders from three different clans to auction off fabulous treasures at your clan market.  He has also invited traders and nobles of other clans to bid on these items.  "Of course, we really ought to acquire them all ourselves," he explains, "But they insisted on an auction.  <X> brings a box of Perpetual Flour, which will help feed a clan in perpetuity.  <Y> sells an Amulet of Consolation, which brings encouragement to those who deal with troublesome people.  And <Z> wishes to auction a rare copy of The Poem Which Must Be Eaten, which provides to its devourer many valuable insights on the building of good relations between clans."
  1. Bid on one or more treasures.
  2. Encourage your people to enjoy the festive atmosphere.
  3. Give gifts to other clans.
  4. Seek advantageous marriages.

King of Dragon Pass


  • This is one encounter in which you can potentially possess three treasures at once.  Be sure to bid accordingly.
  • If you decide not to bid, you can still treat this as other festivals, and improve the mood of your own clan, or enhance your standing among other clans.
  • There is a slight variation in which, if you are set to try and form a tribe, you can sound out other clans on that possibility during this event.
  • Be aware that for the Poem Which Must Be Eaten to work, your ring members will consume it.  However, someone (say a follower of Lhankor Mhy) will rescue it by making a single copy before eating it.


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