Dueling Traders I: Trader Accusations
Trader accusations


Chain Event

Next Trader Warnings

A trader comes to your clan, accusing another trader of being a cheat...

Event Dialogue

<X>, a trader of the <A> clan, comes to engage in routine trading. As he is concluding his business, he issues a warning, "You'd best beware of <Y>, who trades on behalf of her <B> clan. She's a cheat, and worse. She received a magical honey from Ernalda, and was supposed to trade it to other clans, but hoards it for herself."
  1. Avoid entanglement in this dispute.
  2. Confront <Y> with these accusations.
  3. Promise to be wary of <Y>.
  4. Scold <X> for trading in rumors.
  5. Warn <Y> that <X> is spreading rumors about her.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Confronting <Y>, or scolding <X> may result in their respective clans liking you a little less, regardless of whether you are right or not.
  • Avoiding entanglement in the dispute is possibly the safest course of action, and your people will like you more for it.

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