Trader Bullies
Trader bullies


Random Event

Renown and honor are hard to gain, but easy to lose, especially when some of the more immature clan members indulge in their baser instincts.

Event Dialogue

At the <A clan> market, your traders are alarmed to see members of your clan bullying <A clan> traders. This ruined any chance of making good deals; once word of the incident gets around, they figure it will hurt your trading relations throughout the area. The offenders were the brother <X>, <Y>, and <Z>, who are notorious for their hard-heartedness and hostile behavior.

  1. Confiscate goods from the brothers as punishment.
  2. Do nothing.
  3. Outlaw the brothers.
  4. Scold the brothers.
  5. Threaten the brothers with outlawry if they do not behave.

King of Dragon Pass


Something to bear in mind is that if you do nothing, or if the brothers defy your admonitions, this event will repeat.

  • Doing nothing will worsen your relations with your trading partner, as well as hurt all your trade relations.
  • Confiscating goods from them, or fining them may cause them to retaliate, and you will loose goods. You will return to your main choices, with one more choice added to the list: fining the brothers.
  • Scolding the brothers works best if one of your ring members are very persuasive.  Success will have them promise to curb their behavior.  Failure is very possible, though, and have them laugh in the face of the clan leaders.
  • The brothers may not believe you if you threaten them with outlawry, but this seems to satisfy the trading partners. 
  • Outlawing the brothers pleases your trading partner, but the trio may join one of your enemies, or become bandits to plague you.  The clan itself may be pleased or angered with your decision, but if the ring has done well, overall, the people will support you.

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