Dueling Traders IV: Trader Trickery
Trader accusations


Chain Event

Requires A trickster on the clan ring.
Previous Trader Accusations

The trader that previously accused his rival of cheating in Trader Accusations is back, asking for your trickster's help.


<X>, a trader of the <A> clan, comes to you requesting the aid of your Eurmal worshippers. "You have a trickster on your ring, and thus can help me. I wish you to place a spell of confusion upon a trading partner, <Y> of the <B> clan, so that she will become confused and offer me an absurd number of sheep for my magical treasure when next I negotiate with her. I will give you ten cows for this service."
  1. Accept his offer.
  2. Ask for higher compensation.
  3. Perform the ritual, asking nothing in return.
  4. Refuse him, then warn <Y>.
  5. Refuse him.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Refusing him and warning her will sour your relations with his clan, but will reward you with some trade goods.

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