Translation Request


Random Event

Requires Shrine to Lhankor Mhy

Event Dialogue

Expectant thanes from the <X> clan come seeking the aid of your Lhankor Mhy priests. "We found this strange scroll while exploring <somewhere>. We will give you ten cows if your priests can perform magic which will tell us what the scroll means."

  1. Accept their offer.
  2. Ask for higher compensation.
  3. Perform the ritual, asking nothing in return.
  4. Refuse them.

King of Dragon Pass


If you are feuding with the requesting clan, you will have an extra option:

  • Perform the ritual in exchange for an end to the feud between you.


Performing the ritual will cost 1 or 2 magic. If the clan that values ancient texts is near you, they may praise you for the successful completion of the ritual, and give you tokens of their admiration later on.

  • Refusing them will worsen your relations with that clan slightly.
  • If you accept their offer, you will gain ten cows as promised.
  • You will gain reputation for generosity if you ask for nothing in return.
  • Asking for higher compensation may or may not work, seeing as they are offering the traditional price for the ritual. This will depend on your trader's skills.
  • Performing the ritual to end the feud is a very good bargain, seeing as ending a feud can be expensive. But if your relations are very bad with the clan in question, they may ask you for some cows to sweeten the deal.


Some areas of exploration include:

Some scroll contents include:

  • Secrets of the dragonewts
  • A genealogy of a long-dead family of ducks
  • Instructions for the making of wine
  • Erotic poems
  • Accounting records from an ancient trading concern
  • A discourse on trollish etiquette
  • A dwarven work schedule
  • Musical notation for long-forgotten instruments
  • Directions to the location of a great treasure

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