This page will be formatted later, but this is just going to be a compilation where each treasure may be located.  Also, be aware that this list is currently only for the PC version.

Game Start

When you start a fresh game, you automatically have one treasure in your inventory.


These treasures you may find by exploring certain geographical areas.  Realize a few of them may initiate a special event to procure them.  However, you can only gain them by actual exploration.  It is possible to gain all of these in one game.

Beast Valley:

Dragonewt Wilds

Dwarf Valley



Snakepipe Hollow:

Stinking Forest:


Random Exploration  (It is possible to find these treasures randomly, such as exploring your tula)


These treasures may be procured by sending an trader to another clan and purchase it from them.  It is possible to get all these.


These are treasures one may be able to procure through by undergoing heroquests.  Note a couple of them do result in a failing a heroquest, though.

Ernalda Feeds the Tribe

Humakt the Champion

Issaries the Conciliator

Orlanth and Aroka

Uralda's Blessing

Gustbran's Forge (You can only come here by failing a heroquest, but remaining in the lands of the gods).


These treasures may only be gained through various events.  It is quite random on whether the event will come up, or not.  Also, you won't be able to gain all the treasures, if for no other reason than some events require to pick one item or another.


Battle Unit Trained

Black Horse Troop/Sir Ethelrist's Hospitality

Black Spear I: Argument

Derik VIII: Final Farewell

Dragonewt Body Armor

Duck: Tribe Membership

Duelist from Holy Country

Dwarf Containers for Sale

Dwarf Emissary: Trade Mission

Dwarf: Renegade Traders

Gift from Tricksters

Goods for Sale

Horse Skull For Sale

Iron Spike I: Safe-Keeping

Iron Spike II: Troll Warning

Kallyr V: Destiny's Price

Lhankor Mhy God-Talker

Maran Gor Priestess

Mist Paper Trader

Moldy Book for Sale

Mordrim the Stout: Blacktail Theft

Mordrim the Stout: Generosity Repaid

Peace Agreement - Tribal Delegation

Plow Team Trained

Ralian Charioteers

Sora Goodseller

Sorcerers On The Hunt

Trade Fair

Walktapus Hunt

White Calf Birth

Young God-Talker of Ernalda


These are treasures which haven't been confirmed as procurable.

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