Tree Spirit
Tree Spirit


Random Event

One of the clan's women and her children were gathering food in the forest when a tree spirit nearly snatched one of them. Now the spirit demands a child sacrifice in exchange for its magic.

Event Dialogue

"<X> reports that while she was gathering food in the woods, a tree snatched up her daughter, and she was barely able to rescue her in time. When she led a group of warriors and god-talkers back, they conducted a ritual and learned that the tree spirit demanded a human sacrifice, but in turn would gift us with either magic or food. It insisted that only a human life would do."
  1. Tell people to avoid the area.
  2. Sacrifice a clan member.
  3. Conduct a ritual of protection.
  4. Send a party to chop down the tree.

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you choose to chop down the tree, you'll pick a noble to lead some of the fyrd on an expedition to destroy the tree. Your noble will be injured and one of the fighters killed, but the tree is destroyed.


  • This even appears in the iOS version.

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