Random Event

A clan's land is considered sancrosanct, and penalties may be harsh for uninvited visitors.

Event Dialogue

Some of your patrolling warriors have surprised a pair of hunters from a neighboring clan, the <clan name>.  The warriors bring the trespassers to the clan hall, so that you may pass judgement on them.
  1. Drive them off
  2. Initiate legal action
  3. Kill them
  4. Offer to sell them hunting rights on your land
  5. Treat them as guests

King of Dragon Pass


  • A clan is considered within their rights to drive off trespassers with no ill effect. 
  • For that matter, any game found on your land is also the clan's property, and someone hunting there is no better than a thief, so you may initiate proceedings to be compensated.
  • There are traditions allowing a clan to slay trespassers, but this will definitly anger the families of the slain.
  • If you wish to earn a few more goods, give them a license to hunt on your land. This will decrease the amount of food your own hunters get though.
  • Remember, though, generosity is considered a key virtue among the Orlanthi.

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