Tribal Dissension


Chain Event

Happens when Low tribal mood
Requires Tribe
Next Traitor Confrontation

Even if a monarch survives their kingship rites, essentially garnering the favor of the gods, there is no guarantee the person is up for the job...and one thing you can count on the Orlanthi is to be disruptive, even in the best of times.

Note:  You usually get this event if the other clans in your tribe are less than impressed with your actions, even if things actually are going well with your tribe

A key indicator is the mood of your tribe and if starts to drop below content.

Event Dialogue

The clans in your tribe are fighting, and they're fighting over whether your king/queen is properly fulfilling her duties. Some of the clans are fierce supporters of King/Queen <X>, or at least of the Orlanthi value of supporting chosen leaders. Others feel that the king/queen has failed to uphold the other Orlanthi virtues of pride, courage, and generosity. No one has been seriously hurt in the fighting so far. The fights aren't organized, and are usually started by one group or the other getting drunk and setting off to in search of trouble.
  1. Announce a heroquest.
  2. Give gifts to all clans.
  3. Give gifts to dissatisfied clans.
  4. Tell the chiefs of the dissatisfied clans to rein in their warriors, or else.
  5. "There is nothing wrong with a little friendly fighting."
  6. Propose a war to unite the clans.

King of Dragon Pass


Be aware the rest of your tribe may shout down your suggestions before you get a chance to even try them.  As such, you may be required to choose another option.

  • Offering to undergo a heroquest is essentially offering to let the gods judge your monarch.  Success will satisfy your tribemates, but failure undermines your authority.  If you've already done a heroquest that year, you may wish to pick some other option.
  • Bribery can always work, at least in the short term.  You have the option of giving gifts to all clans, or just the dissatisfied clans.  By directing gifts to the dissatisfied, you focus on the problem clans, but be aware your other tribemates will be angered for being left out.  If you give gifts to all, however, then it dilutes the results.  Obviously, skimping on the gifts is not recommened.
  • If you are sure of your might, you can tell the other chiefs to rein in their warriors.  However, this is a bit heavy-handed, and can drive other clans into rebellion.  Failing to move the chiefs will also create more dissension.
  • You maintain the status quo, if you decide there is nothing wrong with a little fighting.  More than likely, nothing will go wrong in the short-term, but this can build to a bigger problem in the long-term.
  • Many Orlanthi are always up for a good scrap, so suggesting a war might be the way to go.  You will then have to pick a foe which can be another tribe, trolls, Beastfolk, or Horse-Spawn (you may not see all those choices though).  You know your monarch is in trouble if the other clans don't wish to follow you to war.  Success in war buoys the spirit of the tribe, while loss causes even more problems. 


If too many clans are dissatisfied with your rule, you may face a rebellion, or even the split of the tribe into two (or more) smaller tribes.  (That series of events still needs to be put up).

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