While being king/queen brings much glory, it also has its share of obligations.  A group of priests and tricksters come forth, asking for your wisdom in matters of jurisprudence...

Tribal Judgments: Priests Vs. Tricksters


Random Event

Requires Being monarch of the Tribe

Event Dialogue

Two clans of your tribe bring a dispute before the king for adjudication, in hopes of avoiding an expensive case before a full tribal moot. Priests from the <X> clan accuse the <Y> clan of using trickster magic against them. They say that Malia, the disease goddess, visited a plague upon the <Y clan>, and that <Y> Eurmalis then enacted a ritual to pass the plague onto the blameless <X clan> people. They want fifty cows in compensation, and also want to see the tricksters beaten by their chief.

  1. Closely question the priests and tricksters.
  2. Conduct a divination.
  3. Find in favor of the <Y> tricksters.
  4. Find in favor of the <X> priests.
  5. Penalize both parties.
  6. Tell them to take the matter to a full moot.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Questioning both parties is recommended, but both parties may very well be lying. In that case...
  • It would be advisable to conduct a divination (although it costs 1 magic to do so), in order to find the truth.  Be aware it is possible for the divination to fail, though.
  • Finding the wrong clan guilty will worsen your relations with them, and you'll make a fool of yourself.
  • Finding the right clan guilty will increase your reputation.
  • The <X> clan will give you goods, if the tricksters are found guilty. Ruling in the favor of the tricksters will earn you some magic.
  • Penalizing both parties is possibly the worst solution as this clearly isn't a good ruling, and both clans will resent you a little. Both parties will have to pay a fine of you choosing, though.
  • Telling them to take the matter to the moot keeps you out of the mess, but both parties may be displeased with you because they came to you to avoid the moot in the first place. You will gain cows from the gift-giving ceremonies the moot requires of the clans, though.

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