The Orlanthi are ever competitive, whether in matters martial or commercial...

Tribal Judgments: Spying Traders


Random Event

Requires Being monarch of the Tribe

Event Dialogue

Two clans of your tribe bring a dispute before the king for adjudication, in hopes of avoiding an expensive case before a full tribal moot. <X> of the <A clan> accuses <Y> of the <B clan> of unfair trade practices. She says that while <Y> was negotiating the purchase of a large number of horses from the <A clan>, he left a magical Listening wind in the <A clan> clan hall. It allowed him to hear the <A clan> traders confer with one another and name their minimum price. <X> wants <Y> to return one in five of the horses as a penalty for unfair dealing.

  1. Conduct a divination.
  2. Penalize both parties.
  3. Rule in favor of <Y>.
  4. Rule in favor of <X>.
  5. Tell them to take the matter to a full moot.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Conduct a divination (although it costs 1 magic to do so) is a good course of action in order to find the truth.
  • Finding the wrong clan guilty will worsen your relations with them, and you'll make a fool of yourself.
  • Finding the right clan guilty will increase your reputation, but sour your relation with the clan that loses the dispute.
  • Penalizing both parties is possibly the worst solution as this clearly isn't a good ruling, both clans will complain. Both parties will have to pay a fine of your choosing, though.
  • Telling them to take the matter to the moot keeps you out of the mess, but both parties may be displeased with you because they came to you to avoid the moot in the first place. You will gain cows from the gift-giving ceremonies the moot requires of the clans, though.

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