Clans will go to great lengths to recruit the best warirors possible.  However, this also means other clans will approach them with bribes and blandishments.  Hopefully you will be able to ferret out whether this was done legally or not. 

Tribal Judgments: Stolen Weaponthanes


Random Event

Requires Being monarch of the Tribe

Event Dialogue

Two clans of your tribe bring a dispute before the king/queen for adjudication, in hopes of avoiding an expensive case before a full tribal moot. <W>, chief of the <X> clan, accuses the <Y> chief, <Z>, of stealing weaponthanes away from his clan. He recently recruited five worthy Man-Troll fighters from the Holy Country to join his clan, giving them many fine gifts. But after a feast held by <Z>, they deserted the <X> for the <Y>. <W> demands compensations equal to twice the value of the gifts he gave for the weaponthanes.

1. Closely question both chieftains.
2. Conduct a divination.
3. Find in favor of <Z>.
4. Find in favor of <W>.
5. Penalize both parties.
6. Tell them to take the matter to a full moot.

King of Dragon Pass


One thing to bear in mind is that the guilty party is rather random. Even if you do find someone is guilty, you may wish to find in favor of the other clan to improve relations with their respective clan.

  • A perceptive clan ring could ferret out whether the warriors were stolen by questioning both chieftains. However, if you are unsure, you may wish to conduct a divination.
  • Conducting a divination, by calling on one's ancestors, can help determine whether <Z> or <W> is guilty of the crime.
  • Whether you favor <Z> or <W>, your relations will increase with the respective clan, but go down with the other clan. If you side with the dishonest party, the other clans of your tribe may be less than pleased with it.
  • If you wish to fill your coffers, penalize both parties. This worsens relations with both clans, and even other clans may grow irritated by the blatant cash grab.
  • If you wish to please the other clans of your tribe, but anger the claimants, then take the matter to a full moot. The assembled clans will decide who is in the right and wrong.

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