A tribe is an alliance of at least four clans.

Founding a Tribe


In order to form a tribe, you need to meet the following conditions:

The Prophet

Once you meet the above requirements, you need to wait for a prophet to come your way, allowing you to begin assembling a tribe.

Naming the Tribe

The next step is to name the tribe. A special event will pop up, saying:

You have decided that now is the time to embark on the building of a tribe. You need to decide on a name for this new confederation of clans.

  1. <Chief name>, after our chief.
  2. Use divination to find a tribe name.
  3. Pick a new name for the tribe.

King of Dragon Pass

Gathering Clans

After naming the tribe, it is time to approach your neighbors. It takes at least four clans to form a tribe, and you can only recruit the clans that are closest to your tula. The larger the tribe, the easier it is to win tribal wars and the more helpers you will get when performing hero quests, but the harder it will be to form the tribe due to conflicting desires.

A while after you send your emissaries, an event will trigger and allow you to negotiate with the chieftain of the clan you want in your tribe. The chieftain will make demands, and you may make demands of them. The events depend on what the clan you are approaching is known for:

Naturally, clans allied to yours might more easily accept to be a part of your tribe, and might agree with as few as one promise on your part. Those that distrust you will need much more convincing. See the above pages for more information. Listen to your Clan Ring members, especially the one with the highest bargaining skill, or the Issaries worshipper.

Confederation moot

When you have enough clans to form a tribe, you will gather for a moot of confederation.

Some of the chieftains might be displeased with the concessions you gave to other clans.

Tribal Elections

Once you appeased the dissatisfied clans at the moot, you must choose a king:

Rites of Kingship

Once a candidate is elected king of the tribe, he will create and undergo the rites of kingship: